Want to learn about Our Asparagus ?

Our first asparagus were planted on the farm in 2002.
In 2004, the first crop has been harvested.

We have been growing asparagus with passion ever since.
To keep the best quality, our asparagus are harvested every day except Sunday and bank holidays in to give the best in quality to our customers.

9 Varieties of asparagus

Indeed, we now grow 9 varieties of asparagus:

  • Both early spring and later varieties
  • Whether thin, thick, long or short, we have asparagus to suit every taste
  • And you can choose between white, green and violet varieties

Each day has his asparagus!

Our entire production is sold in the farm. Most of our production is reserved for individual clients.
We also provide thirty or so restaurants.

During the season, our asparagus is sold directly to the customer in our farm retail outlet.

We also offer the possibility to put in an order with the farm by calling at
+33 (0)3 88 54 02 96.

The asparagus can be peeled immediately for you and for an additional fee.

They are ready for cooking when you get home !

Should you require further informations ?

Call the store at phone nr : +33 (0)3 88 54 02 96.
Our salesteam will give you all the required informations


Recipe idea for Our Asparagus

Buy the bunch of peeled asparagus at Chez Claude.

To avoid damaging the tips during cooking, you can tie the bunch of asparagus together.

You plunge the asparagus, previously rinsed in cold water, into boiling salted water (also add a sugar cube).

Cook for approx. 20 minutes in simmering water. Prick the asparagus with the tip of a knife to see if it is cooked.


In the meantime, prepare :

. your plate with the 2 kinds of ham: smoked and white previously bought in the shop (from a partner farm) ;

. your home-made natural mayonnaise with eggs Nr 1 from our partner farm.

Otherwise we have a choice of plain or bear garlic mayonnaise for sale.

And there you have it, your meal is ready!