Salty Groceries Chez Claude

We sell directly from the farm seasonal fruit such as blueberries, redcurrants, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and many varieties of apples, pears, etc., as well as fresh vegetables (salads, carrots, kohlrabi, squash of all kinds and shapes, potatoes, etc.).
We prepare various pies (tourtes), quiches, smoked bacon, smoked ham, white ham, smoked filet mignon, catering dishes, take-away and reheating dishes, numerous raw salads that vary according to the season.
Charcuterie, cow / sheep / goat / buffalo cheeses, dried sausages,… but also flours, various spices,… and a well-stocked drinks section come from local partners.

October offer : POTATOES

2 BAGS of 5kg PURCHASED = 1 bag of 5Kg offered

or 12.- € for 15 Kg of potatoes (0.80€/Kg)

Varieties: Marabel or Primabel

Offer valid while stocks last

Mustards, Alsatian mayonnaise, horseradish, gherkins

Alélor, an Alsatian producer, aims to perpetuate and develop the ancestral know-how of creating mustards, horseradish and condiments.
The variety of flavours of the spicy, sweet and sour, perfumed, powerful and tasty condiments… the products of this Alsatian brand will surprise you.

Asparagus in brine

If you miss asparagus, we have the solution!
We have been packing asparagus in brine in jars during the season.
Make the most of it, as stock is limited!

Gaveur du Kochersberg

Die Ferme Nonnemacher in Woellenheim bietet Ihnen hausgemachte Konserven wie die unserer Großmütter, Mütter an.
Das frische Obst und Gemüse wird schnell nach der Ernte in Gläser abgefüllt, um ein Maximum an Geschmack und Nährstoffen zu erhalten.
Aber auch aus Enten hergestellte Produkte, da der Hof ursprünglich ein Spezialist für die Aufzucht von Enten war.
Authentische, traditionelle und ursprüngliche Produkte: Obst in Gläsern, Kompott, Enten-Baeckehoffe, kandierte Entenkeulen, Enten-Blanquettes, …
Verpackt in Glasgefäßen.

Spices, dried fruits

A wide range of dried vegetables, dried fruit and spices to enhance your dishes and pastries from ‘L’étoile d’Amalya’ which buys, packages and resells the products. A rigorous selection of suppliers has been made to guarantee optimal quality and consistency and a maximum of flavour in the mouth.

Brunstein noodles

Manufacturer of Alsatian pasta with authentic know-how, based on the Alsatian family recipe.
Noodles, fresh and tasty high quality pasta.
Fresh egg pasta respecting the Alsatian recipe both in the ingredients and in the manufacturing process.
Thin, wide, wider… Which are the best?

Organic olives

4 types of olives are available for sale in bulk:
– pitted green olives in oil and fresh herbs – unpasteurised
– Kalamata black olives, pitted, in oil and fresh herbs – unpasteurised
– green olives stuffed with garlic, oil and fresh herbs – unpasteurised
– green olives stuffed with almonds, oil and fresh herbs – unpasteurised
From organic farming.

Dried tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes in oil. From organic farming.
For sale in bulk.

Other products from local producers

Erstein sugar, Alsa yeast, Melfor vinegar, Hubert seeds

Should you require further informations ?

Call the store at phone nr : +33 (0)3 88 54 02 96.
Our salesteam will give you all the required informations