The retail shop

Direct retail store selling fresh fruit (many varieties of apples, pears, …) and vegetables (salads, carrots, kohlrabi, squash of all kinds and shapes, potatoes,…), products made by our partner farms such as pies, farm smoked bacon, smoked ham, cold meats, ready-made meals, cow/sheep/goat/buffalo cheeses, dried sausage, … but also flours, dried vegetables sold in bulk, …
made by our partner companies.
The village grocery shop with its local products !


Valid from 1 to 31 May 2022
To be enjoyed :
– In a meringue pie or not
– In plain jam, mixed with other fruits such as banana, strawberries, …
– In ice cream…
Price : 1.90 € / Kg depending on the quantity harvested (stock available)

Offer ‘Rhubarb’ stopped because the production does not follow or no longer follows.


Our Eggs … free range eggs nr 1

Free range eggs 1 are eggs from hens raised in the open air and fed with 100% French cereals.

Enjoy free range eggs for breakfast, in pies, cakes and cakes!

Collected from the local producer.
Delivered directly to the retail shop. 

Our Fruits

In our farm outlet, priority is given to freshness and taste.

For this reason, the supply is carried out regularly throughout the week, if necessary, several times a day.

Various varieties of apples, pears, …

It’s fresh, it’s local !

… & Vegetables

The freshness of our vegetables is essential for our farm shop. The vegetables come from partner farms in the area.

We manage our stalls in an optimal way to guarantee maximum freshness to our products, our vegetables.

When it’s local, it’s fresh !

The Sausage corner

Do you like your dry sausages better?

– long, round,

– by the mile,

– to crunch, to slice, to cut.

The varieties on offer are: pure pork, Italian, with hazelnuts, green peppers, fennel, Provencal herbs, parsley, but also plain, garlic, wild boar (with a little pork in it).

We surely have your savoury delicacy available.
Let yourself be tempted!

Direct from the butscher’shop :
– Boucherie Ebert, Lembach 
– Boucherie Daval, Val d’Ajol 
Bonne saucissonnade !

Direct for the local Cheese Maker

Artisanal cheeses made by our partner, a master cheese-maker.

These cheeses are made in his workshop with cow’s milk from the region (Bas-Rhin).

Les Fromages de Mathieu favours local and high quality raw materials in order to offer you cheeses with a unique taste.
Let yourself be tempted by the discovery of its fresh cheeses, its flavoured tommes, and the munsters from our local artisanal cheese factory.

The Cheese Factory

The cheeses of the region : 

  • Goat
  • Buffalo
  • Ewes
  • Cow

From a friendly region :

  • Tomme du Jura
  • Comté, …

A real treat for lovers of the scents of the meadows.

In our refrigerators :

Fresh sheep yoghurt, fresh goat yoghurt, fresh cow yoghurt and cottage cheese…

The Raclette cheese season

Sliced raclette cheese, made from raw milk, from the Frasne cheese factory (Jura).

Various varieties of raclette cheese, comté, tomme, vacuum packed in pieces.

The ideal accompaniment:

potatoes, white ham, smoked ham, smoked bacon, smoked filet mignon, gherkins (Alélor)

is available in our grocery shop

Our fruit and dried vegetable Distributors

Various dried fruits such as muesli, hazelnuts, bananas but also dried vegetables are available in bulk.

These dried foodstuffs come from the Moulin des Moines and are all organically grown.

Local producers are present in our shop

  • Fritz mill: flours
  • Moulin des Moines: flours, various spelt products, chocolates, pretzels, …
  • Alélor: gherkins
  • Erstein : sugars
  • Alsa : yeasts
  • Melfor: vinega

Bottle corner but also home made products

  • Home-made pasta from Brunstein bakery
  • Honey from beekeepers
  • Blueberry juice or syrup with no added sugar from the Brandt Arbogast farm
  • Jams or jellies
  • Local beers and wines

A pleasure for great go

Our Delicatessen

Peasant smoked bacon (Buerespack) – Smoked ham – Smoked ham nuts – smoked filet mignon – sliced smoked duck breast – White ham
Produced by the farm.

Salting and smoking is done in the old-fashioned way according to traditional know-how.
The white ham is made on the farm.
No colouring, no preservatives. Vacuum-packed.

Origin of the French meat:

  • Pork: Thierry Schweitzer de Schleithal farm, pigs reared on straw and fed on cereals.
  • Duck : Origin France (South-West)

Our pies, quiches, terrines, pâtés lorrains

Prepared dishes

We work with fresh vegetables to make these various savoury pastries and ready meals. The meats are of French origin. The ingredients come from the local soil.

Come and discover the various savoury pastries and cooked dishes:

  • Pies: from farm, ‘bouchée à la reine’, to poultry, with sauerkraut, ham, vegan
  • Terrines: grandmother, peasant, country, duck
  • Quiches : Provençal, lorraine
  • Pâtés lorrains : different sizes = individual, 2 people, 4 people

And depending on the season :

  • Pie with asparagus, duck and foie gras
  • Goat/spinach quiche with asparagus

You can also find Nr 1 Outdoor Eggs from a local producer.

You need a original Gift made with local products ?

The sales team can help you by offering you local products wrapped according to your choice.

BIENVENUE à la ferme‘ members undertake to respect the various quality charters set up by the organisation.

Should you require further informations ?

Call the store at phone nr : +33 (0)3 88 54 02 96.
Our salesteam will give you all the required informations

Farm Shop Chez Claude

17, rue de Morsbronn
Phone nr : +33 (0)3 88 54 02 96